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Documents scandal involving Cabinet minister an untimely political headache for Kishida

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Documents scandal involving Cabinet minister an untimely political headache for Kishida
The economic security minister has come under fire for files an opposition lawmaker says if proof she was involved in pushing for a legal reinterpretation …
Health ministry panel proposes five basic habits for preventing COVID
The new approach comes as the government prepares to shift toward a post-pandemic normal through measures such as removing unified mask guidance.
Studying Ukraine war, China’s military minds fret over U.S. missiles and Starlink
Ukraine has sharpened China’s focus by providing a window on a large power’s failure to overwhelm a smaller one backed by the West.
Wage hikes at Japan’s small firms closely watched for BOJ clues
It’s the salary decisions at smaller companies without unions that will indicate how widespread wage gains really are.
Woman gets prison term for deaths of children left in hot car
Reina Nagasawa left her 1-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter in a vehicle for more than two hours and 40 minutes so she could spend time …
YouTuber-turned politician GaaSyy likely to be expelled from parliament
The lawmaker’s probable dismissal comes after he failed to show up at a plenary session to apologize for — fittingly enough — failing to attend …

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Hold the mayo as Japan egg shortage hits McDonald’s to 7-Eleven
McDonald’s Japan’s Teritama Muffin — a breakfast sandwich that combines egg, sausage and teriyaki sauce — is now off the menu.
The geopolitical trajectory of the Philippines is changing
Growing anxiety toward China, improved U.S.-Philippine relations and growing momentum to advance trilateral-security cooperation that includes Japan is changing Philippine diplomacy.
‘A Kamigata Anthology’: Everyday enjoyments of everyday people
The collection chronicles the rise of the “commoner arts” through genres like travelogs, poetry and easy-reading books that entertained the masses during the Edo Period …
Australia and South Korea aiming for strong start in Pool B opener at World Baseball Classic
Both teams have plenty to prove when they begin their World Baseball Classic campaigns in Thursday’s curtain-raiser at Tokyo Dome.
South Korea is exporting billions in arms, just not to Ukraine
Traditional weapons suppliers like the US have faced production shortages in the war effort, and South Korea has stepped in to fill the gap in …
Long at odds over historical disputes, can Seoul and Tokyo make amends with latest deal?
While the U.S. has offered effuse praise for the proposal, some observers have said it may not be durable as reservations remain over how the …

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