Cartels Part 1: Americans Caught in the Crossfire

by Peter Zeihan on March 8, 2023

Back in 2014, Peter predicted that the Ukraine War would occur by 2022. But that’s not the only thing he predicted in his book “The Accidental Superpower”…click the link below to learn more about his outlook on the cartels and see how it unfolds in the present day.

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On March 7th, two of the four US citizens kidnapped shortly after crossing the border into Mexico were found dead. This raises several questions, but perhaps the most significant is how this will change the United States’ policy on Mexican cartels.

The cartels have a long and deep-rooted history of flushing the American system with drugs, laundering money, and other illicit activities. However deserving of the designation as a terrorist group, we have seen in recent history how our actions on terrorist groups have played out…just look at Pakistan.

Any action taken against the cartels would ultimately damage American and Mexican relations. As the US moves away from its ties with the Chinese, that’s the last thing anyone wants. It’s a tricky situation, and the solution isn’t black and white…but maybe everyone should lay off the white stuff for a while.

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