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3/8/23: Seymour Hersh EXCLUSIVE: SHREDS NYT Nord Stream Report, Warren Slams Fed Rate Hikes, Biden Defends Medicare Future, China Accuses US Of Containment, DC Crime Bill, Ryan Vs KJP Spying Question, German Chancellor on Nordstream

Ryan and Emily are joined by legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh to discuss his belief that the New York Times Nordstream report is fake, Elizabeth Warren slams Jerome Powell for considering future interest rate hikes that may cause a recession, Biden says he has a plan to extend the future of Medicare, Biden administration considering reviving detention of migrant families, China accuses US of containment leading other Western countries to encircle and suppress China, a DC crime reform bill thats puts the spotlight on DC statehood, Ryan asks Karine Jean Pierre a question on the FBI spying on Americans, Ryan looks into Matt Gaetz calling for all American troops to leave Syria, and Emily looks into the January 6th Tapes and how Media is ignoring the real scandal.

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Timestamps: Intro: (0:00) Exclusive Seymour Hersh Interview: (1:32) German Chancellor Nordstream: (20:00) Warren Slams Fed Rates: (28:18) Biden on Medicare Future: (37:59) Biden to Flip on Migrant Families Policy: (45:35) China Accuses US of Containment: (54:54) DC Statehood: (1:05:45) Ryan Vs KJP on Spying: (1:15:15) Ryan on Matt Gaetz Syrian Troops: (1:20:56) Emily on Jan 6th New Footage: (1:28:45) EoS: (1:48:56)

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