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3/7/23: FAA Near Death Accidents, Clearest Signs Of Trump Indictment, DHS Illegal Spying Program, Fauci Prompted Lab Leak Coverup, New Jan 6th Footage Revelations, Alex Murdaugh’s Verdict, California Housing Crisis, Introducing BP Partner Spencer Snyder

Krystal and Saagar discuss the FAA in a state of emergency after multiple near death accidents, Jet Blue and Spirit airlines merger blocked, the clearest signs yet of a Trump indictment, Dems celebrate the return of Trump, DHS revealed to have illegal spying program, Fauci caught prompting a coverup of the Lab Leak theory, how a CNN Boss quashed lab leak investigation, Jan 6th footage shows police escorting the Q-Anon Shaman through the Capitol, Saagar looks into Alex Murdaugh’s verdict based on data from his cell phone establishes a dangerous new precedent, Krystal looks into how California’s Housing Crisis is sweeping the rest of the nation, and we introduce our newest BP partner Spencer Snyder (   / @spencersnyder  .

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Timestamps: Intro: (0:00) FAA Emergency: (1:58) Jetblue Merger Blocked: (12:53) Trump Indictment: (21:35) Dems Celebrate Trump’s Return: (30:51) DHS Spying Program: (36:45) Fauci Lab Leak Coverup: (45:38) CNN Lab Leak Investigation: (52:18) Jan 6th Footage: (58:26) Saagar on Alex Murdaugh: (1:10:02) Krystal on California Housing Crisis: (1:22:42) Spencer Snyder: (1:32:40) EoS: (1:41:21)

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