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This International Women’s day, celebrate six changemakers fighting for gender equality

Pedro Pascal had the best response when a reporter asked him to read ‘thirst tweets’ on the red carpet

His role on “Game of Thrones” might have put Pedro Pascal on the map, but starring in Disney Plus’ “The Mandalorian” and HBO’s “The Last of Us” has transformed him into a household name. When people aren’t applauding his performances, they’re usually gushing about his looks.

So much so that the 47-year-old actor was coined “the internet’s daddy.” For the most part, Pascal has been a good sport, playing along when the nickname got mentioned during television segmentsinterviews and red carpet appearances.

However, a reporter from Access Hollywood approached him during a premiere for “The Mandalorian” Season 2, giving him a list of thirst tweets to read out loud. For those who are unaware, ”thirst tweets” are when fans express their sexual desire for a celebrity online. Having stars awkwardly read theirs in front of a camera has become a media trend.

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Teacher asks students to fill questionnaire on substitute teacher’s class and they went all out

It is quite common for teachers to hand out tasks for students when they are absent, but to give out a questionnaire to check how their day is going is quite unusual. A teacher, who is also a TikTok user, @fairyniceofyou, shared a video of what the responses of her students were and it did give her some interesting insights about them. She says in the video, “I’m going to read their responses because they had me laughing.” One student responded, “The sub is very snippy and rude and takes her job way too seriously. I miss you.” Another student wrote, “I walked in on time and she said I was late when the second bell never rang yet. I respectfully told her ‘no’ because it was true and she called me rude. Overall my day is going pretty good.”

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This International Women’s day, celebrate six changemakers fighting for gender equality

Equality is a birthright that belongs to everyone. But for girls and women around the world, equality isn’t yet their reality.

Despite the persistence of gender inequality in our societies today, tireless changemakers are fighting to end gender discrimination everywhere so that women’s voices can be heard in all spaces—champions who not only dream of a better tomorrow, but understand the actions needed to make it possible. UN Foundation aims to amplify the stories of those advocates with its fourth annual #EqualEverywhere campaign.

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People are sharing ‘what screams’ someone has ‘no life.’ Here are 21 of the best responses.

When someone says “get a life,” it’s usually a pejorative comment telling someone that they need to become more successful or build something for themselves. But in some circumstances, it’s a totally warranted reminder that someone needs to get their nose out of other people’s business and focus on themselves for a change.

A viral thread on Reddit that received over 14,000 responses asked the online community, “What Screams ‘I Have No Life’?” and it was a rebuke of the people whose pettiness makes our lives unbearable.

Hopefully, a few people read the thread and decided to make some changes in their lives.

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Struggling bookstore owner makes heartfelt plea online and within days was flooded with support

Maybe this is just the nerdy bookworm in me, but it feels particularly heartbreaking to see a bookstore struggling. There are few commercial places in this world that hold so much inspiration, knowledge, whimsy and quaintness all rolled into one.

Independent bookstores have their own unique magic on top of that—providing their neighborhoods with a specially curated wonderland available nowhere else in quite the same way. To have that snatched away due to financial hardship is just…devastating.

This was the dire situation that England-based bookstore owner Sapphire Bates found herself in. Her shop, Book Bodega, endured an abysmal winter with very few sales. A photo Bates posted to Twitter on Feb 25 showed the shop completely empty—and on a weekend afternoon, no less.

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