The Graffiti of War Project

‘In War…There Are No Unwounded Soldiers’
José Narosky

What Is The Graffiti of War…


The Graffiti of War Project has undergone several phases over the course of its nearly 10 year existence. That being said, our purpose remains the same: to provide the world with a unique glimpse into the lives of those who experienced modern warfare through documenting and displaying the art they created. Each image represents a moment in time, when an emotion was captured in ink, paint, or pencil, an unconventional historical record of this millenium’s first major conflict. Our Mission is that through sharing these images, we will begin a dialog between soldier and civilian, to bridge this ever-widening divide between those who have endured the misery of war and those who can only imagine the horrors. To bring understanding awareness and true empathy of what these men and women, solider and civilian, experienced during combat. That is our purpose and why this journey was started nearly ten years ago.


Documenting Conflict Art…


We have spent almost ten years collecting these images  through submissions to our website, on social media and via email.  We also organized an expedition to Kuwait and Iraq to embed with US Forces ahead of the withdraw of troops in 2012.  During this almost month-long effort, our team was able to document over 2,000 images, raise awareness of the mission and interview dozens of warfighters, civilians and local nationals, but the journey continues.

Through our efforts and your participation, we can ensure that we document as much of this Conflict Art  (  as we can for this generation and those to come.  These unconventional works of art represent a unique genre to be admired, marveled at and studied. 

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