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It’s Impossible to Shock Me Anymore – ANTIFA Edition

It’s disappointing that I can type the name ANTIFA and most people know who and what they are. In a culture that considered Order paramount, they would know they could never show their covered faces in public. Hell, they wouldn’t be allowed to meet in private.

When people calling themselves ANTIFA get arrested, one of my favorite pastimes is to look through their mugshots and laugh at what I can only describe as the most motley crew of wannabe Batman villains. But every once in a while, one of these degenerates surprises me. Well, not really, as my opinion of lawyers is low.

This past Sunday, the 5th, a FOX5 Atlanta headline read, “23 charged in clash between protestors and police at future Atlanta public safety training center site.” Atlanta’s 11Alive was nice enough to post the rogue gallery of scum that were arrested. The fourth person on their list caught the attention of the Antifa Watch channel on Telegram. His name is Thomas Webb Jurgens. Here is his mugshot:


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