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Vice Cop Vices

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Sarah Schulman
Red Lights, Blue Lines

Three recent books examine the discrimination and hypocrisy at the heart of policing “vice.”

Geoffrey Wheatcroft
Bloody Panico

The British Conservative Party was once one of the great popular political movements of Europe. What happened?

Anjum Hasan
Endless Trances

With a wordy, inventive style, in Tomb of Sand the Hindi writer Geetanjali Shree lets language take the lead.

Lucy Ives
What You Don’t Know Your Mind Knows

Renee Gladman’s drawings trouble the eye’s desire for cut-and-dry distinctions between word and image.


a poem by 
Will Harris

We were sitting on the floor. I started writing
as the window darkened and the grass grew
bright. By morning, half the trees were
submarine. What was it about being young and
wanting to write? You said it wasn’t choice…

Tareq Baconi
Enforcing Apartheid in the West Bank

After settlers attacked a Palestinian village last week, Israeli politicians called it an outbreak of lawlessness. But the army covered the settlers’ every move.

After the Earthquake

It has now been one month since an earthquake struck Turkey and northern Syria. The death toll stands at 51,800 people, and continues to rise, and millions more have been displaced or left homeless. In February we published two on-the-ground reports—Kaya Genç wrote from Turkey and Charles Glass from Syria—detailing the disaster and the political choices that exacerbated its effects. This Thursday, March 9, we will be cosponsoring an online benefit for victims of the earthquake. Further details are below.

Kaya Genç
Cries from the Rubble

After the earthquakes in February, many thousands were trapped under ruins in Erdoğan’s “New Turkey.”

Charles Glass
Disenchantment and Devastation in Syria

The civil war may be over in Damascus, but the mood in the city is one of resignation.

The New York Review of Books is proud to cosponsor

Words for Relief:
A Reading for Victims of the Turkey–Syria Earthquake

An online event and benefit, March 9, 1:00 PM EST

This online benefit with authors and translators from around the world will raise funds to aid relief efforts and show solidarity with the Syrian, Turkish, and Kurdish people affected by the disaster.

Organized by Words Without Borders and hosted by the writer Merve Emre, the fundraiser will feature Laila Lalami, Orhan Pamuk, Maureen Freely, Sema Kaygusuz, Nick Glastonbury, Elif Shafak, Bachtyar Ali, Kareem Abdulrahman, and others to be confirmed.

You are invited to make a donation via Eventbrite when you register using the “Donation” field. Donations will be divided equally among three charities that are providing food, water, medical supplies, and shelter to those affected by the earthquake. More information may be found at the registration link.

Register Now

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