‘Far from justice’: why are nearly half of US murders going unsolved?

Homicide ‘clearance rates’ have plummeted over the past four decades, compounding relatives’ trauma

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Mon 27 Feb 2023 01.00 EST

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Every night since May, two-year-old Nylah Cheese has slept with a crocheted doll wearing a white tee, black pants and a silver chain. The toddler’s aunt, Silvia Lopez, had the figurine made in the likeness of Nylah’s father, Brandon Cheese, who was shot and killed at a park in San Francisco the month before.

“She instantly knew it was him and screamed, ‘It’s Dada!’” Lopez, Brandon Cheese’s older sister, said. The toddler has since named it “Dada doll”.

Since Cheese’s killing, Lopez and her family have been working to ensure Nylah knows who her father was and how much he loved her. But for the past 10 months they’ve also been searching for answers about who killed Cheese and why.

San Francisco police have yet to make any arrests.

“I feel like I’m letting my brother down if I’m not doing anything,” said Lopez. She fears that if she stops speaking publicly about her brother, no answers will come. She’s made posters and put them up around the city, posted photographs of the suspect’s vehicle and publicized the $50,000 reward the San Francisco police department is offering for any leads.

“It’s hard to know how far away you are from getting justice for the one you love. I don’t wanna wait years, days or months,” Lopez said.


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