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Vic Sarson wrote an article for European Outlook # 72 entitled ‘Language and Thinking’. His key point was:

If peoples’ thinking is determined by language, and if language is corrupted and debased, confusing their understanding of anything and everything, then it’s easy to control what they think, especially when ‘political correctness’ is applied.

This view has been endorsed by many writers over the years including Ezra Pound (pictured) the award-winning poet, linguist, and economist who broadcasted for Fascist Italy during the war and was confined to a mental hospital for 13 years by a vengeful America. Pound’s most controversial and allegedly anti-Semitic poem is Canto XLV, which is about ‘Usura’, the usurer, the destroyer of everything noble and beautiful. It never mentioned the Jews but they still took offence.

Legal documents such as wills and contracts are written in precise language. We don’t use such language in everyday speech but devious politicians and journalists take advantage of this to twist words to their own advantage. They have hijacked certain words and phrases to excuse criminals and demonize their critics. According to these twisters, if you prefer the company of your own people you are a ‘racist’, if you value the traditional family you are ‘homophobic’, if you criticise parliamentary democracy you are a ‘fascist’, if you question economic policy you are part of the ‘anti-growth coalition’, and if you condemn the Israeli occupation of Palestine you are ‘anti-Semitic’. But tax evaders are now ”tax avoiders’ and crooks are ‘entrepreneurs’.

It’s bad enough to be insulted without running the risk of prosecution. The fanatics of the race relations industry, including the police and the guardians of social media, will pounce on dissidents who say anything that could be considered ‘racists’, but they can’t touch us if we choose our words carefully. We shouldn’t have to submit to this kind of censorship but in today’s climate of ‘political correctness’ it’s important that we say what we mean and we mean what we say.

The State is using anti-terrorist legislation to silence opposition, just as they did in 1940 when they used Defence Regulation 18B to detain peace campaigners without charge or trial. This Act was passed to counter the IRA but it was used against Britons who posed no threat to security.

Kris O’Donnellan

I have been in touch with Kris O’Donnellan for almost 20 years. We were both early Facebook fans who shared a passion for communication. Many people are suspicious of Facebook but it’s what you make it. Kris is a long-standing European Nationalist from California with a clear understanding of world politics. He posted the following statement in October 2022:


Enemies on The Left and Right alike Neocons/’Conservative’ apologists for bankers and the transnational corporations on one side and nutty, vicious, woke leftists who hate everything normal and traditional or Western/European. The disgusting scribblers of Silicon Valley and in Hollywood orchestrate and celebrate this ‘transformation’ of Somwheres into Nowheres. The main enemies of average Americans have always been domestic and not in Moscow, Beijing or Tehran. Know your social, and class/economic enemies.

The following dialogue is from November 2022.

Kris O’Donnellan. What do you think of Red Toryism and Blue Labour? While these are marginal currently in terms of influence do you think these might gain traction as conditions for average people deteriorate and wokeness gets crazier?

Bill Baillie. I dont know what to think. I am an old fashioned fascist who believes in God, King and Country. I detest both left and right. I only hope that they will destroy each other.

Kris O’Donnellan. I have been involved in Nationalism’ since age 14 here in the US, so for about 40 years now. I was never much of a ‘conservative’ and indeed attracted initially to the far left though their anti-white, anti-western position and hostility to the white working class repelled me.

I followed the Nationalist scene in Britain for decades starting with Tyndall’s Spearhead, which believe it or not, University of Los Angeles, California library had a subscription to in the 80s. I was also interested in the Political Soldier Wing of the National Front (Holland, Harrington, Griffin) and read their publications like NF News and Nationalism Today.

I always found Mosley, the BUF, and post-war Union Movement very interesting and appealing. Had I lived in the Britain of the 1930s would definitely have been a Blackshirt.

I have always been pan-European in outlook rather than petty nationalist so the ideas of Yockey, Thiriart and Mosley were very appealing from the time I discovered them in the 80s and still to this day.

 Another Fine Mess

When Laurel and Hardy got into trouble it was always described as “Another Fine Mess.” The UK is in just such a mess but it’s no laughing matter. Nearly all our public service workers; doctors, nurses, firefighters, railwaymen, bus drivers, teachers, lecturers, and postmen are on strike for more pay. Our economy is shrinking, we have a desperate skilled labour shortage, inflation is running at 10%, immigration is out of control, the housing crisis is getting worse, the Northern Ireland Protocol has just been renegotiated, and people have lost confidence in our overpaid and incompetent politicians.


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