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Technology Democratized Media | US Political Polarization

Technology is playing a key role in the US political system. We’ve opened a pandora’s box with technological politics. Unlike the utopian visions we once had for tech like the internet, the reality was that we let loose the worst of our inhibitions and enshrined a system that prioritized extremism. Tech has democratized our media, removing the gatekeepers who’ve kept American civility since the liberal consensus after WWII – and that’s a recipe for disaster. We created this system, and we chose to polarize. Political polarization playlist:    • US Political Pola…   ————————————————————

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Chapters 0:00 vignette 1:59 intro 3:40 counter-arguments 6:54 take-aways 8:00 sourcing 9:20 new right and the john birch society 15:42 talk radio 12:36 cable news 27:23 internet activism 28:17 terror 29:38 new media 30:18 social media 37:42 dark underbelly 40:06 filter bubbles 40:35 hashtags 41:39 tumblrization 43:36 4chan 45:35 alternative right 46:32 gamergate 50:22 adpocalypse 51:08 2016 55:24 deplorables 58:00 conspiracism 1:00:06 demagoguery 1:01:46 2020 1:04:39 election denialism 1:07:41 censor dystopia 1:08:49 where we are 1:09:10 future? 1:09:30 conclusion

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