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Details emerge on teenage suspect in stabbing at Saitama school

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Details emerge on teenage suspect in stabbing at Saitama school
Police arrested the 17-year-old on suspicion of attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed a 60-year-old teacher multiple times in the arms and stomach.
After years of sluggish growth, are wage hikes finally gaining steam in Japan?
While bigger firms have been more inclined to raise pay amid high inflation and a labor shortage, whether or not this trend spreads to smaller …
Japan child abuse cases reach new record; revenge porn on the rise
Stalking and domestic violence also show signs of increase, with reports of related crimes reaching new levels.
Hong Kong removes mask mandate for residents and travelers
After almost three years, the government decided to ease restrictions on facial coverings. But concern over new variants keeps many people wearing masks.
The ex-SDF member who declared war on sexual abuse
Rina Gonoi’s story has inspired dozens more people to report sexual and other abuse in Japan’s armed forces.
How Putin’s war is poisoning Ukraine’s breadbasket
Scientists looking at soil samples taken from the recaptured Ukrainian region of Kharkiv found high concentrations of toxins such as mercury and arsenic from munitions.

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Japanese firms aim to improve employee productivity with ‘hay fever allowance’
Rather than leave workers to tolerate symptoms with over-the-counter medication, the system tries to ease access to professional help for those who need it.
Finally, a happy chapter in the post-Brexit era
The U.K. and the EU come up with an agreement both sides can live with — in principle. That alone is an achievement.
‘In Her Room’: An unsettling journey of self-discovery
Director Chihiro Ito’s captivating dreamscapes are eerie and mysterious in her slow-burning relationship drama.
Ukrainian teen evacuee keeps soccer dream alive in Yokohama
Nineteen-year-old Yaroslav Shtonda had the opportunity to train with Yokohama FC’s J. League first-division side for the first time.
Early detection of postpartum depression? Japanese researchers may have found a way.
Currently, there are no available tests that aid with the prediction of postpartum depression.
Quakes are inevitable. Huge death tolls are not.
Better building standards mean earthquakes need not turn into the devastation seen in Turkey and Syria. The world should pay attention.
28-year-old woman picked to be astronaut by Japan’s space agency
Ayu Yoneda — the youngest candidate to be chosen by the agency — and Makoto Suwa, 46, were selected from over 4,000 applicants, the Japan …

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