Irish Politician Puts the American Deep State on Blast, and more

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Irish Politician Puts the American Deep State on Blast

Mick Wallace, an Irish member of the European Parliament (MEP), believes the European Union’s sanctions against Russia advance the United States’ interests. On February 23, 2023, Wallace stated that anti-Russia sanctions positively benefit the US at…

Feb 28, 2023Big League Politics

China’s Foreign Ministry Calls On the United States to Change Its Position on the Russo-Ukrainian War

On February 20, 2023, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin declared that Chinese authorities don’t accept the United States’ criticism of China’s relations with Russia. In addition, Wang said that Chinese authorities urge the US to…

Feb 28, 2023Big League Politics

El Nino Speaks 76: Will Florida Become the 26th Constitutional Carry State?

Share How difficult will Constitutional Carry be passed in Florida? Luis Valdes, the Florida State Director and Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands Outreach Director of Gun Owners of America, explains how the Republican establishment is doing…

Feb 28, 2023Substack

MSNBC Pundit Describes Republican Party As a “Front For A Terrorist Organization”

Jason Johnson, a frequent contributor to MSNBC, declared on January 24, 2023 that the Republican Party no longer exists and that it not serve as a front for a terrorist organization. Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News, noted that Johnson made the…

Feb 27, 2023Big League Politics

Iran and China Sign Cooperation Agreements

On February 14, 2023, Chinese Strongman Xi Jinping met Iranian leader Ebrahim Raisi in Beijing, where the two leaders signed 20 cooperation agreements to strengthen ties between China and Iran. According to The Cradle, two leaders held a meeting at…

Feb 27, 2023Big League Politics

New York Young Republicans Club Announces Partnership With Hungarian Right-Wing Org to Fight Globalist Left

On February 22, 2023, the New York Young Republican Club signed a partnership agreement with the Center for Fundamental Rights. NYYRC issued the following statement about the partnership: Conservatives around the world are confronted with similar…

Feb 27, 2023Big League Politics

Members Of Congress Push for Data on The Biden Regime’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Republican members of the United States House Committee on Oversight and Accountability have begun an investigation of the Biden regime’s actions connected to the withdrawal of US military units from Afghanistan. The committee members have called on…

Feb 27, 2023Big League Politics

United States is Quadrupling Its Troop Presence in Taiwan

According to a recent report, the United States is quadrupling the number of troops deployed in Taiwan as tensions grow between the Island country and China. This move comes against the backdrop of an incident in which a Chinese balloon entered US…

Feb 27, 2023Big League Politics

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