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A son’s heartfelt LinkedIn post for his father who was laid off is getting a massive response


A son’s heartfelt LinkedIn post for his father who was laid off is getting a massive response

LinkedIn is primarily a platform for working professionals to connect and find employment that aligns with their skills and values. With company layoffs continuing (even increasing in some industries) people have also used the website to courageously share their layoff experiences.

While the main intent behind this is, of course, finding a new job, there have also been some lovely displays of humanity that not only challenge the stigma of being laid off but show the power of a supportive community.

Take this heartwarming story, for example.

Patrick McCarthy, Communications Management & Marketing Leader, recently posted about a layoff that quickly went viral on the platform. Not for himself—for his father.

“This is Pete. He’s my dad,” his post began. “My dad lost his job yesterday. I would tag him here, but he doesn’t have a LinkedIn.”

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Jennifer Coolidge shares core childhood memory that ignited her love for film in emotional speech

Jennifer Coolidge is an accomplished American actress, comedian and writer known for her distinctive voice, unique comic timing and ability to embody eccentric characters. She has appeared in numerous movies and television shows, including “Legally Blonde,” “American Pie,” “Best in Show” and HBO’s “The White Lotus.” The actor once again gave a hilarious and heartwarming speech at SAG Awards, where she picked up yet another trophy for her leading role as flighty fan-favorite Tanya McQuoid in HBO’s “The White Lotus,” per Scary Mommy. Once on stage to accept her award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series, she shared a sweet anecdote from when she was a young girl, thanking her parents for introducing her to her love of film.

“Being recognized in this way has been incredibly special, and I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude,” remarked Jennifer Coolidge, who is 61 years old, as she accepted her award. She expressed her heartfelt thanks to her “amazing parents,” specifically her father, before delving into yet another speech that would soon make headlines. Coolidge prefaced her speech by saying that her parents were incapable of telling a lie, except for one instance when she was in the first grade. She recounted a fond childhood memory that shaped her love for cinema, where her father unexpectedly took her out of class, pretending she was ill. She explained that he had lied to the school.

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Reimagine your dog’s food and give them fresh options everyday with Spot & Tango

They’re your best friend, your protector and oftentimes your dinner date. But even though your dog might be sitting next to you at the table, they’re not usually eating as well as you. And I’m not just talking about leftovers and scraps snuck off your plate, but rather what’s in their bowl every morning and night.

“We were honestly disturbed by what we learned about kibble, [so we] started cooking homemade meals for our dogs, Jack, with local, seasonal ingredients found at the markets near our family farm in Upstate New York. The more we cooked, the more we noticed the health effects on their energy, weight, and allergies,” explains Russell Breuer, the founder of Spot & Tango, the healthiest dog food on the market.

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Human befriends hummingbird, names him Hector and brings wholesome joy to millions

Hummingbirds are fascinating to watch, so people often put hummingbird feeders in their yards during the summer. But one special hummingbird and his human friend have taken that fascination to another extremely wholesome level.

Julian, better known as @birdperson666 on TikTok and Instagram, has gained over 2 million followers with videos of a neighborhood hummingbird named Hector’s visits. Julian told ABC7 that it only took about five days for “Hector the nectar collector” to start eating from his hand and that Hector sometimes visits several times a day. The combination of Julian’s deep, resonant voice and Hector’s adorable, iridescent self makes for surprisingly addictive content.

Hummingbirds are quite a unique species, after all. Their wings beat around 70 times per second and up to 200 times per second during a dive. They are the only bird that can fly forward, backward and sideways and hover in the air. They’re wicked fast—the Anna’s hummingbird flies faster proportionally for its body size than a fighter jet. And they’re wicked hungry, too, with a metabolism that requires them to consume twice their body weight in food each day.It’s no wonder that Hector has regularly shown up at Julian’s window for a snack for the past couple of years.

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Thai lounge singer performing ‘What a Wonderful World’ sounds exactly like Louis Armstrong

YouTube user bobcatransom was on vacation in Chiang Mai, Thailand, when they came across a three-piece band playing in a bar and were blown away by the singer’s ability to sing like jazz legend Louis Armstrong.

“About an hour after we arrived in town we heard these guys just absolutely slaying it for a small handful of people and having the time of their lives doing it,” they captioned the video. The band performed a note-perfect version of “What a Wonderful World,” and the singer even added some improvisational scat singing just like Uncle Satchmo would have done.

“What a Wonderful World” may be Armstrong’s most famous song, but it is an anomaly in his legendary career. Armstrong is known by many as the first great jazz soloist and the most important musical figure of the 20th century, so the heartfelt ballad wasn’t adored by his hardcore fans when it was first released.

“This is so heart warming,” Youtuber Scott Mitchell commented on the video.

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