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3/1/23 CounterPoints: SCOTUS Set to Kill Biden Student Debt Plan, Biden Pushes ESG World Bank, SF Debates Reparations, DeSantis Memo on Protests, Dilbert Creator Cancelled, Biden on Cartels, NSA Spying on US Congressman, Phil Wegmann on Gain of Function

Emily and Ryan discuss SCOTUS seeming set to kill Biden’s student debt plan, how Biden pushed ESG takeover of the World Bank, San Francisco debating $5 million dollar Reparations, a Desantis memo requiring Protests to “Align with Mission”, Dilbert creator Scott Adams cancelled after racist rant, Biden’s border giveaway to the Cartels and Big Business, the NSA caught spying on a US congressman, and White House reporter @RealClearNews Philip Wegmann (@PhilipWegmann) joins us in studio to talk about the Biden administration defending Gain of Function research.

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Timestamps: Intro: 0:00 Iran: 1:08 Lightfoot: 7:28 SCOTUS Student Debt: 14:50 ESG World Bank: 27:11 SF Reparations: 36:22 Desantis Protests Memo: 45:57 Dilbert Creator Cancelled: 53:06 Biden Cartels: 1:00:53 NSA Spying on Congressman: 1:13:21 Phil Wegmann Gain of Function: 1:21:36 EoS: 1:42:51 Merch:

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