History and Historiography

Antony Sutton and the Scholars Part 1

In my Casual Stream #35 I spoke to the Wall Street USSR connection as detailed by Antony Sutton, with special focus on this three volume work on technical transfers to the USSR. While this is clearly a hard pill for many to swallow and his work has been ignored for over 60 years, at the time of publication many reputable scholarly journals reviewed his work. The consensus, as I remember when I read them last, was that Sutton was broadly correct about the facts of the matter. Beyond that some discussion revolved around how he interpreted those facts. As I said in another stream, people will not always read what I recommend, but they will watch me read. To that end I will read all the scholarly reviews on Sutton’s three volume work on technical transfers to the USSR, nearly 30 entries in all, to demonstrate that his work was on par with the highest standards of scholarship in his own day and as such radically changes how we should view the 20th century.

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