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Japan moves toward approving abortion pill in major shift

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Japan moves toward approving abortion pill in major shift
Currently, surgery is the only option available to terminate a pregnancy in Japan.
Japan to relax border controls for passengers from China starting Wednesday
Travelers from mainland China will still be asked to present a negative COVID-19 test prior to departure, but testing upon arrival will change to a …
President of ad giant Dentsu admits to rigging bids over Tokyo Games
Dentsu Group President and CEO Hiroshi Igarashi admitted to prosecutors that his company was responsible for rigging bids over contracts to plan and run pre-games …
Yamaguchi by-election puts spotlight on dynastic politics
Nobuchiyo Kishi thought reminding voters of his politician relatives was a good move, but he has been accused of just taking over the family business …
Japan won’t rule out sending aid to North Korea in return for abductees
A group representing the abductees’ families has said that they would not oppose giving humanitarian aid to Pyongyang if it would lead to the victims’ …
Japan needs more than just new visa options to attract highly skilled workers
Better wages, improved incentives and overhauled working styles are seen as bigger factors in drawing top foreign talent.

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How the Russia-Ukraine war has changed Japan’s economic outlook
Soaring energy costs have re-exposed Japan’s weakness as a nation of limited natural resources.
A refreshing gamble on Crispr delivery
Biotech startup Aera is trying to shake up the always-just-out-of-reach field of genetic medicine.
Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin drawing rave reviews from Formula One competitors
Fernando Alonso has made some wrong moves in a Formula One career that should have delivered more than two titles but joining Aston Martin is …
Anticipation building toward Roki Sasaki’s WBC debut
The Samurai Japan pitcher is showing off his heat — and learning from his teammates — ahead of the team’s pool campaign at Tokyo Dome …

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