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BOJ governor nominee says monetary easing needs to be maintained

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BOJ governor nominee says monetary easing needs to be maintained
Appearing at a confirmation hearing at the Lower House, Ueda also said he will pursue the stable and sustainable 2% inflation target set by the …
China’s peace proposal for Ukraine war light on details
The paper, which outlines broad principles rather than a specific peace proposal, reiterates many of the points China has raised in recent months.
North Korea fires strategic cruise missiles as U.S. and South Korea hold nuclear attack drill
Experts said the weapons, which Pyongyang said flew for roughly 2,000 kilometers, would put all of Japan and South Korea within striking distance.
CPR and defibrillators: What you need to know
Helping someone in cardiac arrest is not as daunting as it seems.
Japan to rename sex crime to highlight illegality of nonconsensual intercourse
Japan’s Justice Ministry said it plans to rename a sexual offense charge to make clearer the illegality of nonconsensual intercourse.

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How Biden’s shock-and-awe tactic is failing to stop Russia
Sanctions have inflicted damage, but they haven’t induced Putin to stop the war — raising wider questions about a tool that’s become increasingly central to …
Taiwan and lessons that can be learned from the Ukraine conflict
The events unfolding in the Ukraine war demonstrate that the response by Taiwan and the United States to Chinese aggression will be a very important …
Big Zac is a dog you’ll want with you on your walks
Known as the “black jewel” at ARK, Zac is not just big and good-looking, he’s also smart and affectionate.
Japan’s rare intimacy coordinators in demand after abuse scandals
In the wake of sexual abuse scandals in Japan’s entertainment industry, some directors are reaching out for guidance from intimacy coordinator Momoko Nishiyama.
Bryce Harper ‘ahead’ of schedule in recovery from Tommy John surgery
Philadelphia Phillies superstar Bryce Harper is “ahead” of schedule in his rehab from Tommy John surgery in November, but is still two weeks out from …
As food crisis looms, some wonder, ‘What’s it like to eat insects?’
A vending machine that offers edible insects was recently set up in Sendai, and the bugs are selling well, but it is also true that …
Unpacking Japan’s great wage conundrum
With inflation running at a four-decade high, the world’s third-largest economy’s famously stagnant salaries are finally showing signs of rising. Can the momentum be sustained?
Retirees take to the streets in China to protest health insurance cuts
Recent cuts in health insurance have angered older residents in Wuhan and Dalian, sparking large demonstrations.

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