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2/24/23 Weekly Roundup: Don Lemon in Hot Water at CNN, AI Bosses Firing Employees, Child Labor in Slaughterhouses, Bernie Calls Out Corporate Media, How Walmart and Amazon Crushed Small Businesses, Buttigieg Flustered By Reporter, Water Tests in Ohio

In this Weekly Roundup we cover Don Lemon in hot water at CNN over sexist comments, AI Bosses being used to fire employees, Child Labor discovered at slaughterhouses in America, Bernie Sanders calls out Corporate Media on air, our BP Partner Spencer explains How Walmart and Amazon crushed small business, Buttigieg gets upset when a reporter asks if he is going to East Palestine, and Louis DeAngelis from StatusCoup explains from the ground in East Palestine, Ohio how the issue of Water Tests has become endangered by corporate corruption.

0:00 Don Lemon Controversy 5:41 AI Fires Employees 11:48 Child Labor Slaughterhouses 17:57 Bernie Sanders Calls Out Corporate Media 25:50 How Walmart and Amazon Crushed Small Businesses 34:50 Buttigieg Photographs Reporter 39:10 Water Tests with Louis DeAngelis To become a Breaking Points Premium Member and watch/listen to the show uncut and 1 hour early visit:

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