10 ways Denmark’s left-wing government reduced asylum applications by 82% and dramatically cut immigration

10 strategies Denmark has used to radically reduce immigration and maintain their nearly homogenous European population

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author: John Cody
Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, a Social Democrat, has championed strict immigration policies that can be emulated in other European nations.

The Danish left-wing government’s continued push against mass immigration is producing tangible results, including a dramatic reduction in asylum applications as well as a sharp reduction in overall immigration. The government continues to be unique in all of Europe, featuring the only ruling left-wing bloc seriously opposed to mass immigration.

The numbers speak for themselves, with an 82 percent drop in asylum applications recorded and overall immigration falling 28 percent, according to a new in-depth report from the Foundation for Political Innovation (Fondapol).

The various hurdles and restrictions enacted by the government have made Denmark far less attractive for immigrants, and have kept the country nearly entirely ethnic European, with the vast majority of the population of Danish descent.

Despite the lack of diversity in Denmark, the country is routinely ranked one of the happiest on Earth, and it excels in terms of per capita wages, quality of life, inequality measurements, corruption, crime rates, and a range of other important metrics.

Many of the European countries run by the left-liberal establishment, which champions diversity as an intrinsic good, may want to examine the case of Denmark. Here are 10 ways the country has put a lid on immigration and satisfied the demands of a population opposed to more arrivals.


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