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2/23/23: Biden in Ukraine Marks 1 Year of War, Georgia Trump Indictment Goes Awry, Trump Visits East Palestine, Biden Not Decided On 2024, Sean Hannity Endorses National Divorce, Trump’s Foreign Policy Record, Abysmal Credit Scores in the South, Interview with Louis DeAngelis From StatusCoup

Krystal and Saagar discuss Biden’s visit to Kyiv marking a year since the start of the Ukraine War, polling from different countries on the Ukraine conflict, the Jury in Georgia Trump Inquiry recommend Multiple Indictments but a Fulton County grand jury forewoman’s odd appearances on TV might threaten the process, Saagar looks into Trump’s record on Foreign Policy during his administration, Krystal looks into why people in The South have abysmal credit scores, and we’re joined by Louis DeAngelis (@louisd217) from Status Coup News (@StatusCoup) to talk about his interviews with residents in East Palestine, Ohio.

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Timestamps: SOS: (0:00) BIDEN IN KYIV: (2:12) UKRAINE WAR POLLING: (15:19) TRUMP JURY FOREPERSON: (23:48) TRUMP VISITS EAST PALESTINE: (33:10) LOUIS DEANGELIS OHIO INTERVIEW: (44:59) BIDEN 2024 PLAN: (56:07) GOP 2024 POLL: (1:02:46) HANNITY NATIONAL DIVORCE: (1:09:13) SAAGAR: (1:14:53) KRYSTAL: (1:22:48) EoS: (1:32:24)

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