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‘She’s chosen to live a lie’: Race faker posing as social justice activist who claimed she was of Latin, South Asian and Arab descent is unmasked by her own MOTHER – who confirms the liar is ‘as white as snow’

By Harriet Alexander For

  • Raquel Saraswati is the Chief Equity, Inclusion and Culture Officer at a Quaker social justice group, American Friends Service Committee
  • Ms Saraswati, who is gay and a Muslim, has told colleagues and friends she is Latina, of South Asian and Arab descent
  • Her mother has now said she was born Rachel Seidel; is of British, German, and Italian descent; and is ‘as white as the driven snow’

The chief inclusion officer at a Philadelphia-based Quaker group has been ‘outed’ by her mother, who said she has no idea why her daughter claims to be of Latin, South Asian and Arab descent when she is ‘as white as the driven snow’.

Raquel Saraswati’s colleagues at the American Friends Service Committee are now asking whether she is in fact an infiltrator, actively undermining their work.

‘I definitely feel conned. I feel deceived,’ said Oskar Pierre Castro, a human resources professional who participated in the search committee to fill Ms Saraswati’s position, who spoke to The Intercept.

An open letter from ‘a group of individuals who care deeply about AFSC’ provided an in-depth analysis of her ancestry and her work, and expressed concern about her role.

They accused the 39-year-old – who converted to Islam in high school, and has since come out as gay – of ‘cultural vulturism’, and noted ‘the shades of bronzer she applies to her face have become darker over time’.


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