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One year on, Ukraine war accelerating changes in Japan’s defense posture

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One year on, Ukraine war accelerating changes in Japan’s defense posture
The war has sent shock waves across the Asia-Pacific, exacerbating fears that a similar conflict could engulf the region.
Leiji Matsumoto, famed for ‘Space Battleship Yamato’ anime, dies at 85
The manga artist, also known for the series “Galaxy Express 999,” died of acute heart failure at a Tokyo hospital on Feb. 13, his company …
North Korea fires off more missiles, warning it could turn Pacific into ‘firing range’
Pyongyang sent two ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan on Monday, with the powerful sister of leader Kim Jong Un threatening to unleash even …
Spate of robberies across Japan expose social media’s role in enabling crime
Social media appears to have made it possible for a disparate group of individuals organized from overseas to carry out a series of crimes.
Despite perception as eyesore, wind turbine tourism takes off
There is ample research to suggest that travelers are not only unfazed by wind farms, but find them objects of fascination.
COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo logs 510 new coronavirus cases
The seven-day average of new cases stood at 1,352, down 28.3% from a week earlier.

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Unpacking Japan’s great wage conundrum
With inflation running at a four-decade high, the world’s third-largest economy’s famously stagnant salaries are finally showing signs of rising. Can the momentum be sustained?
Good financial advice hasn’t changed in 300 years
With so much published on making money, and it all seemingly straightforward, why aren’t we all rich?
Momoka Horikawa wins mass start; Miho Takagi finishes third in 1,000 meters
Speedskater Momoka Horikawa surprised the field — and herself — by winning the women’s mass start at a World Cup meet for the first time …
Angry Bing chatbot just mimicking humans, say experts
Microsoft’s nascent Bing chatbot turning testy or even threatening is likely because it essentially mimics what it learned from online conversations, analysts and academics have …
The post-Cold War era is gone. A new arms race has arrived.
Governments around the world are drawing lessons from Europe’s first high-intensity war since 1945, reassessing everything from ammunition stocks to weapons systems and supply lines.

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