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Japan to create new visas to attract high earners and top graduates

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Japan to create new visas to attract high earners and top graduates
The new pathways are intended to simplify the immigration process and help attract “top-level” talent.
Zelenskyy eager to join online G7 summit following Kishida invitation
The virtual meeting on Feb. 24 comes as fears mount that Russia will launch a large-scale attack on Ukraine in the spring.
South Korean defense paper describes Japan as close neighbor
Document says Japan is a close neighbor with which South Korea shares values and should build a future-oriented cooperative relationship.
Japan’s first next-generation rocket aborts before launch
Sparks flew from the craft as it prepared to take off, but within seconds they spluttered to a halt.
South Korean babysitter app seeks to ease guilt among mothers torn between child and career
As women feel torn between children and a career, South Korea continues to struggle with a low birthrate.
Japan to offer insurance certificates to those without integrated My Number card
Those who haven’t merged their My Number and health insurance cards can apply for the free certificate, or continue using the insurance card for one …

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Tensions over Mandarin on the rise in Hong Kong after reopening
Debate over discrimination against Mandarin speakers in the city has been reignited following an influx of visitors from mainland China, with a viral video stoking …
Off the record should mean off the record
An off-the-record remark may have take down a high-level Japanese bureaucrat. Such actions by journalists will only hurt journalism.
Phoebe Bridgers: ‘I was born into a slow apocalypse’
The ‘Kyoto’ singer-songwriter confronts past traumas and returns to a place of catharsis on her three-city Japan tour.
Australia’s Eddie Jones seeking help for ‘smash-and-grab’ operation at Rugby World Cup
“We’ve got to get four or five coaches that can work together to get in there, steal the trophy and get out without getting caught.”
Japan’s hay fever season is here, and it’s set to pack a punch
The Tokyo area is forecast to have up to twice as much pollen over an average year.
J. League’s 30th season brings legacy and future into focus
The 2023 campaign will be a chance for Japanese soccer officials to celebrate three decades of growth as they chart a course for the league …
New developments seek to turn Haneda Airport area into major business hub
Haneda Airport Garden and Haneda Innovation City are part of an attempt to draw new companies and visitors to the area around the Tokyo airport.

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