Dating Apps Have a Filter Bubble Problem

Dating Apps Have a Filter Bubble Problem

Jesse Klein

If you’re desperately scrolling, it’s not your fault. The recommendation system for love needs a major reboot.


In Praise of AI-Generated Pickup Lines

Jamie Valentino

For a decade, Americans have described dating apps as exhausting. AI offers the tools to reinvigorate how we find and talk to partners online.


Didi’s Revival Shows China Can’t Live Without Big Tech

Tracy Wen Liu

The government has used fines, bans, and golden shares to control tech companies. Now it needs them to drive economic growth.


God Did the World a Favor by Destroying Twitter

Paul Ford

Remember what happened with the Tower of Babel? Same type of deal.


Pig Butchering Scams Are Evolving Fast

Lily Hay Newman

Investment schemes are ensnaring victims with increasingly compelling narratives and believable tech.


How to Watch Something Other Than the Super Bowl

Reece Rogers

Who cares if the “big game” is on? Here are our picks for the best stuff to stream on Sunday besides that pesky football championship.



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