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Best places to buy a home now

Happy Friday, Insiders! All week, I’ve been exploring the AI revolution, from how it could benefit you to how it could threaten you. And I’ve loved reading your replies — I’ll share them in tomorrow’s edition.

Up today: What AI means for web search. Right now, we type in keywords and get back a list of links, some of them ads. It’s not always the best. But it’s starting to look like AI might soon provide full conversational answers to our queries – instead of links. If that does happen, it’ll be tricky for Google, which depends so much on you occasionally clicking on those ads instead of “organic” results.

The threat to Google isn’t the only challenge ahead. As Insider’s Adam Rogers warned, this transformation could also accelerate the spread of disinformation. Because AI can lie to you. But now, let’s get started.

— Nicholas Carlson


In today’s edition: Where homebuyers have a shot at a deal on a house right now, what we know from those internal Fox News texts, and what to know about those objects in the sky. If this was forwarded to you, sign up here.

Fox News, Biden, & more

  • Fox News hosts and executives privately mocked pro-Trump election conspiracy theories after he lost, internal texts show. More here.
  • President Biden’s broad student-loan forgiveness may be paused, but we just got a fresh sign that another relief plan is working. What to know.
  • Passengers took a 16-hour flight to nowhere after their plane to New York U-turned because of an electrical fire at JFK Airport. Here’s what happened.

Subscription woes

Tyler Le/Insider


It’s far harder to cancel a subscription than it is to sign up for one.

You can’t escape subscriptions. They encompass everything from our binge-watching to our meal kits to books and makeup. It’s when you want to cancel that things get tricky.

The struggle frustrates even the most dedicated consumer advocates. Do you need to click through a maze of prompts? Show up somewhere in person? Call a hotline? That is, if you even can find the number, which can take a “National Treasure”-level of sleuthing skills.

People are fed up — and they’re pushing lawmakers to take action.



Homebuying, Amazon, & more

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  • The 14 best cities to buy a home right now. From Portland to San Francisco, here are the cities with the biggest home-price declines — and how much a typical home costs in them. See the full list here.
  • Relax, those objects in the sky are probably just part of the commercial space industry. The US shot down four unidentified flying objects lately. It’s not impossible that they were aliens, but it’s more likely they’re connected to one of the 90 countries and 10,000 companies that make up the space economy. What to know.
  • Amazon’s pledge to become “Earth’s best employer” hasn’t taken off, according to staffers. Employees say it’s just a “marketing gimmick” that’s had little impact on company culture. Read our full report.
  • Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. His family called it a “cruel disease” that can “strike anyone,” adding that it’s the most common form of dementia for people under 60. Here’s what to know.
  • “I’ve made $126,000 in sales so far in 2023 on Etsy.” Emma Larocque designs and sells sweatshirts. She told Insider how she set up the mostly passive income stream that takes her just 3 hours a week.
  • The US colleges that produce the most multi-millionaires. Eight universities, including Harvard and MIT, produced 35% of the country’s centi-millionaires, a new wealth report shows. Check out the full list.

Tiny home alert

Courtesy of MyCabin and Prefab Pads
A new collection of minimalist tiny homes, available from $37,500. Latvia-based MyCabin started building prefab homes for European customers in 2020 — and their minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired designs are now available in the US for the first time. See them here.

Food Tours

Finding the best fish and chips in London. Food Wars hosts Harry Kersh and Joe Avella scoured the city. Watch their journey here.

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This edition was curated by Nicholas Carlson, and edited by Lisa Ryan, Dave Smith, and Nathan Rennolds. Get in touch:

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