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A tribe and a university, Bernie Sanders’s book, Black women winning, and more

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February 17, 2023
Traditional Ecological Knowledge considers the interconnectedness of the ecosystem—plants, animals, humans—while Western science tends to zero in on a fraction of that system at a time. So what happens when a tribe and a university research group partner up?

For years, Ojibwe in the Midwest shunned nearby scientists. But now, their partnership is fruitful—and imperative. This week, Nancy Averett of the Food and Environment Reporting Network, told the story of how this collaboration came to be.

For Decades, the Ojibwe Tribe Shunned Scientists—Until Their Partnership Became Vital
In the Midwest, a sacred wild rice plant has slowly vanished. University scientists and indigenous resource managers have combined their expertise to try to save it.
Nancy Averett
Bernie Sanders: Anti-Union Capitalism Is Wrecking America
Workers deserve a better deal than the unfettered capitalism that is destroying our health, our democracy, and our planet.
Sen. Bernie Sanders, John Nichols
When Black Women Are Punished for Winning Too Much
Every time we get an unvarnished look-see at how the awards sausages get made, voters unwittingly confirm that racism and misogyny are key ingredients.
Kali Holloway
Nikki Haley’s Anti-Union Fanaticism Is Wild Even For a Republican
The 2024 presidential hopeful has one thing that really sets her apart from her rivals: the depth of her hatred for organized labor.
John Nichols
The Forgotten Poets of the Attica Uprising
When the Smoke Clears documents poetry workshops held in the aftermath of the prison’s occupation. The work produced by the inmates was visceral and heartrending.
J. Howard Rosier
Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and WNBA Shock Waves
On this week’s episode of the Edge of Sports podcast, Christy Winters-Scott joins the show to talk hoops.
Dave Zirin
On the Banning of Black History in Florida, and “The Crown”
On this week’s episode of Start Making Sense, we discuss attacks on Black Studies, and The Crown on Netflix.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense

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