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Kishida’s child care plans raise questions about who will pay and how

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Kishida’s child care plans raise questions about who will pay and how
Details of the proposal have become a hotly debated topic as Japan looks ahead to key local elections in April.
Retrieving smartphone data from ‘Luffy’ suspects no easy task, experts say
The robbery suspects were careful not to leave digital traces of their operation, communicating through an encrypted messaging app.
Japan’s upscale vending machines now offer caviar and wagyu
Aided by the pandemic push to minimize contact with others, food-dispensing machines have emerged as a rare spark of growth for the ailing sector.
Annual wage talks in Japan closely watched amid price hikes
In negotiations, the labor union side is demanding large wage hikes to alleviate the pressure of higher living expenses as much as possible.
GSDF and U.S. Marines start large-scale joint drills in southwest Japan
About 800 Japanese, mainly from the GSDF’s Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade, and some 900 Americans are expected to be involved in the exercises.
Japan and Taiwan should share intel on China balloon threat, says ex-defense chief
Japan’s islands are within 100 kilometers of Taiwan, so their aircraft and ships often operate in close proximity.

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What Kazuo Ueda’s past says about the BOJ’s future
Japan’s new central bank boss, Kazuo Ueda, is being likened to a wise old policy “owl” rather than a “dove” or a “hawk.”
Sunak heads toward another Brexit cliff edge
A bill to scrap all EU laws retained in the U.K. at the end of the year risks more confusion and chaos.
‘Blue Giant’ soundtrack steals the spotlight
The manga adaptation’s score, composed by jazz pianist Hiromi Uehara, hits all the right notes even if the animation fails to strike a chord.
Lewis Hamilton vows to continue speaking out about social issues
Hamilton has used his platform to highlight racial injustice, promote diversity and address a range of issues from the environment to human rights.
Japan rolls out ‘humble and lovable’ delivery robots
From April, revised traffic laws will allow self-driving delivery robots to navigate streets across the country.
Fumio Kishida is succeeding abroad but failing at home
Kishida’s polling numbers remain in the “caution area,” and there seems to be little opportunity for him to turn things around before the next nationwide …

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