American Decline

Former CIA Analyst Reveals Why the US is On the Path to Collapse

By Jose Nino

It goes without saying that we are governed by sociopaths who have no regard for the interests of the American people.

On foreign policy matters this is most apparent. While our southern border is getting overwhelmed by all sorts of invaders from the Global South, the so-called “public servants” in the DC Swamp prefer to obsesses over geopolitical conflicts thousands of miles away.

Case in point: The Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

We’re approaching the 1-year anniversary of this preventable geopolitical tragedy, and there appears to be no end in sight to the US and its satraps’ campaign to arm Ukraine to the hilt.

Policymakers in the West are treating this conflict like a Call of Duty game, thinking that they can send a bunch of fancy military toys to Ukraine and instantly tip the balance in its favor against Russia… all without consequences.

Never mind that Russia is a nuclear power that has escalatory dominance in this combat theater. This isn’t Afghanistan Iraq, Libya, Serbia, Syria or Yemen — geopolitical playthings that can be pushed around at will.

None of the geniuses in Mordor have grasped this and they are continuing to egg on a conflict with nuclear implications.

And the worst part is that there are few voices of reason in key decision-making positions.

However, there are a growing number of dissident voices rising up to the occasion and exposing this insane geopolitical venture for what it is — a suicide run towards nuclear apocalypse.

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing one of these folks in my latest episode of El Nino Speaks.

The great Larry Johnson, a former CIA analyst and a consummate gadfly on all things concerning geopolitics, dropped some major geopolitical red pills on this episode of El Nino Speaks.

Learn why the US empire is on the ropes at the link below:

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José Niño

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