Dating Apps Crack Down on Romance Scammers

Dating Apps Crack Down on Romance Scammers

Lauren Goode

Our manufactured love holiday might have you feeling more vulnerable than usual. Here’s what to look out for.


How Fiber Optic Cables Could Warn You of an Earthquake

Matt Simon

By firing lasers through underground fibers, scientists can detect seismic waves and perhaps improve alerts—giving people precious time to prepare.


OnePlus Now Has Its Own Android Tablet

Boone Ashworth

Plus: Netflix expands its efforts to end password sharing, Apple’s “buy now, pay later” entry creeps closer, and we scrutinize your Bitcoin spending.


The 45 Best Shows on Netflix Right Now


From ‘You’ to ‘Wednesday’, these are our picks for the best Netflix streaming titles to binge this week.


A Crucial Group of Covid Drugs Has Stopped Working

Emily Mullin

A key tool in the early pandemic response, monoclonal antibodies are now ineffective against new variants. Immunocompromised patients are especially at risk.


Meet the Creator of North Korea’s New Favorite Crypto Privacy Service

Andy Greenberg

The world’s most prolific crypto thieves have used to launder tens of millions. Its creator, “Mehdi,” answers WIRED’s questions.



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