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2/15/23 CounterPoints: Bernie Social Security, Pompeo JFK Files and Snowden, BBC Raided for Modi Doc, Texas Woke Tax, Gretchen Whitmer Ford Plant, Cost of Thriving, Ohio Derailment Coverup

Ryan and Emily discuss Bernie Sanders introducing a bill to boost Social Security Benefits, an interview with Mike Pompeo over JFK files and Edward Snowden, Indian authorities raiding BBC offices after broadcast of Modi documentary, Texas and Florida declaring they won’t work with “woke” ESG banks, Gretchen Whitmer accepting the 2,500 jobs for a new EV Battery factory in Michigan after Glenn Youngkin refused in his own state, the ever rising cost of Inflation on Families, and rail road worker Matthew Weaver joins us to talk about the Ohio train derailment coverup.

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Timestamps: SOS: (0:00) TRUMP CLASSIFIED DOCS: (00:53) BERNIE SOCIAL SECURITY: (6:32) POMPEO JFK FILES: (17:41) BBC RAIDED FOR MODI DOC: (28:44) TEXAS WOKE TAX: (36:56) WHITMER FORD PLANT: (46:50) Emily: (54:12) MATTHEW WEAVER: (1:04:00) EoS: (1:23:07)

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