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Toyota honorary chairman Shoichiro Toyoda dies at 97

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Toyota honorary chairman Shoichiro Toyoda dies at 97
Toyoda was the son of Toyota Motor’s founder and the father of current chief executive Akio Toyoda.
Kazuo Ueda nominated to be Bank of Japan chief
An academic, author and former BOJ board member, Ueda will be tasked with leading the BOJ through a challenging period.
Requirement for preschool bus safety devices set to come into force
The new rule follows a series of incidents in which children were left unattended inside buses or other vehicles, with some of them resulting in …
Cherry blossoms in Tokyo forecast to be in full bloom on March 29
Temperatures in the capital are likely to be higher than average in February and March, contributing to the earlier-than-usual blossom.
Moscow’s gas ties with Europe, crafted over decades, lie in ruins
Russia’s gas trade with Europe has been based on thousands of miles of pipes beginning in Siberia and stretching to Germany and beyond.
What to expect from the first academic economist to be BOJ governor
Kazuo Ueda’s distance from the BOJ is seen as a plus when it comes to unraveling the central bank’s ultraeasy policy, but that process will …

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Japan rolls out ‘humble and lovable’ delivery robots
From April, revised traffic laws will allow self-driving delivery robots to navigate streets across the country.
China’s economic coercion isn’t as scary as it sounds
China’s decision-making is dominated by strategic calculations and Beijing puts the preservation of social stability ahead of penalizing countries for damaging its interests.
Not so easy to fall in love: The app effect on Japan’s international dating scene
Japan has its own rules when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Would you be surprised to know it has its own rules when it comes …
How Kaoru Mitoma studied his way to Premier League stardom
The Samurai Blue winger developed his dribbling skills while completing a four-year physical education degree at Japan’s University of Tsukuba.
Subic and Clark bases not included in U.S. defense pact, Philippine leader says
President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. also said a tripartite agreement with the United States and Japan was discussed during his five-day visit to Tokyo from Wednesday.

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