Fr. Joseph Gleason to Speak at Russian Parliament: Help Americans Immigrate to Russia

Russian deputies want conservative Americans to move to Russia

Conservative families from America and Western Europe continue moving to Russia, and Russian lawmakers want to make the process easier.

Comparable to the House of Representatives in America, or the House of Commons in English Parliament, the Russian State Duma is the lower house of the legislative branch in the Russian Federal Assembly, responsible for passing laws which govern the Russian nation. Members of the Duma are called Deputies.

Recently, the Duma has been turning its attention to immigrants coming to Russia from America, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe. Just a couple weeks ago, one Deputy proposed the idea of giving free land to immigrants who come to Russia from western countries.

On February 14, 2023, the Duma is hosting a conference on immigration, with the participation of expats from the US and Europe. They are looking for ways to facilitate the movement of Western migrants to Russia.

Dmitry Kuznetsov is the Russian Duma Deputy spearheading this effort. He invited me (Fr. Joseph Gleason) to be one of the speakers at this event. He asked me to present the Duma with specific proposals for immigration reform. In short, they want to know — How can Russia make it easier for conservative American families to move to Russia?


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