Sexuality and the State

You’re probably a eugenicist

Let me start this essay with a love story.

Susan and Patrick were a young German couple in love. But, the German state never allowed Susan and Patrick to get married. Shockingly, Patrick was imprisoned for years because of his sexual relationship with Susan.

Despite these obstacles, over the course of their relationship, Susan and Patrick had four children. Three of their children—Eric, Sarah, and Nancy—had severe problems: epilepsy, cognitive disabilities, and a congenital heart defect that required a transplant. The German state took away these children and placed them with foster families.

Patrick and Susan with their daughter Sofia – credit dpa picture alliance archive


Why did Germany do all these terrible things to Susan and Patrick?


No, this story didn’t happen in Nazi Germany, it happened over the course of the last 20 years. But why haven’t you heard this story before?

Because Patrick and Susan are siblings.


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