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Masayoshi Amamiya reportedly approached to be BOJ hea

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Masayoshi Amamiya reportedly approached to be BOJ head
The deputy govenor, who joined the BOJ in 1979, has long been viewed as a front-runner due to his extensive experience crafting the bank’s strategies …
Philippines set to send two robbery suspects to Japan on Tuesday
Two others, including one considered a leader in a fraud group, could also be sent to Japan at the same time depending on criminal trials …
Japan and Philippines eye closer ties as Marcos set to visit Tokyo
The official visit is expected to include a working dinner with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.
Shotaro Kishida scandal puts focus on policy affairs secretary role
The role’s closeness to the prime minister can give the holder a lot of influence, and the controversy has again raised questions about the younger …
What could Japan do about foreign spy balloons over its territory?
The nation may have already seen Chinese spy balloons over its skies, including two instances of remarkably similar design to the alleged spy balloon shot …
COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo logs 1,105 new cases
Twelve new fatalities were newly confirmed, while the number of severely ill coronavirus patients under Tokyo’s criteria rose by two from Sunday to 41.

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Sales of security items jump after spate of robberies across Japan
Window films and auxiliary locks, both of which make break-ins through windows more difficult, are selling well, one store official said.
Death, glory and warlordism in Vladimir Putin’s Russia
The Russian state’s ideological madness and reversion to warlordism have been abetted by a religious fundamentalism.
Through good times and bad, the community you create will be your lifeline
What would Tyre Nichols’ life had been like if he were living in Japan? It’s a sad thought to imagine at this point, but a …
‘Sakura’ musician Masa Takumi wins Grammy for best global music album
The 44-year-old creator, who won for his fifth full-length solo album, is the first Japanese artist to ever win the category.
12-year-old Ginwoo Onodera becomes youngest male to win medal at world championships
Onodera, who won Saturday’s semifinal, scored 263.04 points in the final to finish 6.29 points behind French winner Aurelien Giraud.
Sushi chain limits conveyor belt use to orders after licking scandal
The move comes after videos of unhygienic behavior by customers at various restaurants racked up millions of views online.

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