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2/6/23: Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down, Biden vs Trump 2024, Trump Refuses To Endorse GOP Primary, Biden Rigs Dem Primary, Krystal and Saagar on Joe Rogan, History of Spy Balloons, Adani Corporate Scam

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Chinese Spy Balloon shot down by the Biden admin after days of it floating over the country, the seemingly inevitable rematch between Biden and Trump begins to take shape, Pete Buttigieg bristles when asked about Biden’s re election polling, Trump refuses to endorse the winner of the GOP Primary, Biden attempting to rig the Dem primary by moving the first state from Iowa to South Carolina, excerpts from Krystal and Saagar on Joe Rogan where they chat about Men’s struggles, Stock Ban, and Cable packages propping up Mainstream Media. Saagar looks into the history of Spy Balloons and Krystal looks into Gautum Adani, the richest billionaire in Asia and potentially the largest Corporate Scammer of all time.

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Timestamps: SOS: (0:00) BALLOON: (1:47) UFOS: (19:13) BIDEN V TRUMP: (23:45) BUTTIGIEG: (31:36) TRUMP V DESANTIS: (35:43) KOCH NETWORK: (42:16) DEM PRIMARY RIGGING: (45:04) JOE ROGAN: (54:10) HISTORY OF SPIES: (1:09:23) INDIAN BILLIONAIRE SCAM: (1:17:29) EoS: (1:29:41)

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