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Kishida fires senior aide over homophobic comments

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Kishida fires senior aide over homophobic comments
Masayoshi Arai, the now-dismissed executive secretary to the prime minister, said he would “not want to live next door” to an LGBT couple.
Japanese firms urged to address human rights issues in supply chains
“If companies do not tackle this issue in the right way, they could be shut out from the European and U.S. markets,” Asako Okai, director …
Younger Japanese hit harder by inflation, with ‘excess’ savings no savior for consumption
Inflation at home and recession fears about the global economy are casting a pall over the world’s third-largest economy, which unexpectedly shrank in the July-September …
Philippines may send robbery suspects to Japan ahead of Marcos visit
Manila is proceeding with arrangements for their handover ahead of a visit by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to Japan beginning Wednesday.
Japanese express anger and concern after Kishida aide’s anti-LGBT remarks
Members of the public, the LGBT community and opposition party lawmakers lambasted the aide, who was fired Saturday, for saying that he would “not want …
Fears of Russian nuclear weapons use have diminished, but could re-emerge
Nearly a year into the war in Ukraine, U.S. policymakers and intelligence analysts have more confidence that they understand at least some of President Vladimir …

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Sushi chain limits conveyor belt use to orders after licking scandal
The move comes after videos of unhygienic behavior by customers at various restaurants racked up millions of views online.
Hogwarts versus transgender rights, Blizzard versus Beijing
Can you truly separate the art from the artist? For many gamers, Hogwarts Legacy is their first such test.
‘Beijing’s Global Media Offensive’: China’s fight to win influence around the world
Author Joshua Kurlantzick’s up-to-date and rigorously footnoted new book details the country’s efforts to write its own narrative and sway minds through media.
‘Sushi terrorism’ chips away at Japan’s harmonious reputation
It may have taken longer than other countries, but it turns out Japan is just as susceptible to the spread of social media-induced clout-chasing behavior …
The sword, the shield and the new face of Japan’s military
As 2022 wrapped up, the Japanese government let forth a flurry of defense policy announcements. Those were followed by a five-nation tour by Prime Minister …
The risks, and safety measures to take, for backcountry skiers in Japan
The deaths of two men in Nagano Prefecture, including an American champion skier, was a tragic reminder of the risks involved in backcountry ski trips, …

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