Ukraine Might Lose, Actually

I’ve been known to present the other, more optimistic side of the argument as a counter-balance to my own on occasion.

Again, I am NOT a representative of the pessimist camp. The real pessimists like Strelkov are FAR more pessimistic than I am, and I know that many of my readers already find my positions a bit too strong and bitter. Meanwhile, there are the clowns, in English alt-media, who believe that everything has been going according to Putin’s 5D Judo Plan. Everyone who reads this blog, I think, is far more pessimistic than the 5D optimists. So it’s a spectrum of pessimism that we all sit on together.

But today, there is reason to indulge in a little hopeium.

Readers have pointed out that there are signs of an American back down in the works over the Ukraine situation.

There’s that RAND report, the Pentagon report, the corruption allegations, a Human Rights Watch report, a Washington Post article, Blinken’s trip to China and a prediction by a 4-star general of war with China by 2025.

These are the key ingredients in the newfound optimism narrative.

The RAND report said, in short, that it’s time for Western militaries to pivot to China and stop spending so many resources on Ukraine. That China has been given too long to prosper and grow and that eventually, that will all be transferred into military might, so may as well not give them the time that they need to prepare. That’s probably why the 2025 figure is being floated as well.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon then reported that they didn’t think that Crimea would be seized by Kiev any time soon. Which is obvious, frankly. But I forget sometimes just how crazy the Western media is.

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Human Rights Watch also condemned Ukraine’s use of mines, in particularly the practice of just firing them off into civilian areas primed with delayed fuses. Seeing as Ukraine are the good guys, it’s strange to hear HRW condemning them. People are right to lift their eyebrows as this development. It was forbidden to point out Kiev’s crimes against civilians and soldiers before this.


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