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Tyre Nichols, Maya Wiley, psychedelics for youth mental health, and more

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February 3, 2023
“The race of a cop is ‘cop,’” writes Elie Mystal, reflecting on the violent lynching of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis police. The fact that five Black cops are directly responsible for Nichols’s death doesn’t obscure the fact that policing operates to uphold white supremacy. Police of all races are institutionally designed to be predators.

What happens from here? “I hope they don’t get me. I hope they don’t get my kids,” Mystal writes. “But all I can do is hope, because too many people have decided that my death or my children’s death is a price they’re willing to pay for the fear the cops induce.”

Cops Lynched Tyre Nichols Because They Knew They Could
All police are employed to uphold a system conceived by white people, for white people, that operates to oppress and control Black people.
Elie Mystal
You Cannot Stop Us From Proclaiming “I, Too, Am America”
Watching Tyre Nichols sent home too soon, by the mean and the murderous.
Maya Wiley
Can Psychedelics Solve the Youth Mental Health Crisis?
Nearly two-thirds of young adults report having either depression or anxiety. In California, Connecticut, Illinois, and other states, lawmakers are considering their options for psychedelics legalization.
Isaac Lozano
Buckminster Fuller’s Hall of Mirrors
Alec Nevala-Lee’s new biography assesses the complicated legacy of an architect better known for his image than his work.
Daniel Luis Martinez
Ilhan Omar Will Not Be Silenced
The GOP’s decision to remove Omar from her most cherished committee was petty and cruel—but she’s not going anywhere.
John Nichols
The Constitutional Solution to the Debt Limit Crisis, Plus Victor Navasky Remembered
In this episode of the Start Making Sense podcast, historian Eric Foner talks about the 14th Amendment, and we listen to an interview with Victor Navasky from 2006.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Marjorie Taylor Greene’s White House Dreams
On this week’s episode of The Time of Monsters, Chris Lehmann discusses a GOP kingmaker on the rise.
Jeet Heer

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