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Woods confuses readers

By Tom Woods

I evidently confused some people yesterday when, in trying to avoid censorship algorithms, I said “the V-word.”

The link I urged people to click would have cleared up any confusion; the word, of course, is vack-seen (again, you see what I am doing).

My point yesterday was that the Covid fiasco in general, and the shots in particular, have led a lot of people who had in the past gone along with the medical establishment without thinking, to take a second look at issues they’d previously thought only kooks worried about.

There is more skepticism of the medical establishment right now than there’s been since the Flexner Report was published in 1910.

So the point of the email was that although I’m sure a lot of people reading this were way ahead of me on the issue (I’m not infallible, and I actually do admit when I’m wrong), my ears are now open on the subject of the V-word. No more “there’s only one side to the issue and you’re a crank if you think otherwise” b.s. Not ever falling for that kind of argument again.

And yes, I will be watching the free Vackseens Revealed docuseries, because I no longer respond to arguments that take the form of, “Only a ‘conspiracy theorist’ investigates issues like that.”

As a matter of fact, I am happy to host a debate on the subject on the Tom Woods Show as long as I can find a person on each side willing to debate, and as long as the debate resolution is robust. Steve Kirsch will be participating in a debate soon on the Covid shots specifically, but I’d like to see a separate debate, on my show, that treats the subject more generally.

And that’s the trouble. Whenever we’re dealing with a topic that forms part of the official public religion, the defenders of the Official Position never debate. “We can’t give exposure to these dangerous heretics” is their all-too-familiar cop-out.

But if the dangerous heretics — whom everyone is aware of already, of course, so a debate would change nothing in that respect — are really so stupid, why not just crush one publicly and be done with it?

At any rate, I suspect some of you out there feel the way I do: I’m ready to hear the other side now.

So I highly recommend joining me in watching this series:


Now, a second thing.

You’ll notice that just keeping your head down, following the rules, and doing and believing as you’re told doesn’t work very well in 2023.

That’s true in the job market also. Your 1957 strategy for landing a job and thriving in it won’t serve you well today.

I strongly recommend, for those of you on the job hunt, or for those of you who have older children you don’t want to see ground up on the job market, the Supercharge Your Career event that our friend Joel Bein is hosting.

Costs nothing to attend, but it will give you an obvious advantage, and I’d like to see the folks who are good enough to read what I write do as well as possible.

The presentations include “How to Thrive in Your First Job,” “How to De-School Yourself to Fuel Your Career,” and “How to Shoot a Video Pitch (and Skip the Resume).”

Register here:

Finally, on a personal note, today we celebrate our daughter Veronica’s 18th birthday. That’s her in the picture, at Ron Paul’s house.

We’re all proud of our children for their kindness and generosity, and Veronica has those qualities in superabundance. But what also impresses me about her is that over the years I’ve suddenly discovered that she’d taught herself to sew, or do costume design, or crochet, or use animation software.

Veronica is probably the least political of my children, but I do recall that when she was given an assignment related to Covid, she gave her teacher an earful about Dr. Fauci. A chip off the old block!

Happy birthday, Veronica!

Tom Woods

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