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What The Arrest of Andrew Tate Really Shows Us


Since the arrest of the most Googled man in the world, Andrew Tate, there have been little to no developments. His face is still all over TikTok and Instagram despite the best efforts by the liberal establishment to silence him.

He’s back on Twitter, his email list has hit record numbers, he continues to get his message out. Yet why does everything feel so strange? Why do feminists, beta males, and the usual muck of the internet continue to attack him?

Because Andrew Tate was never the real threat, it was his ideas they found dangerous.

For the same reason Donald Trump was the most attacked man on the planet, once ideas disperse, they can never be truly squashed. Where Donald Trump wanted Americans to reach back to the greatness of a bygone era, Andrew Tate was inspiring the youth of the West to aspire to a greater tomorrow.

If Donald Trump was a nostalgia blast from the past, Andrew Tate was a vision of a future still in reach.

This is why even with him behind bars, Tate still is the progressive boogeyman, whether he’s really the one tweeting from his account or not.

Nuclear families, healthy, masculine and financially independent young men are what the globalists fear because they saw what happened under the Trump era. Millions of competent men denying the liberal programing that surrounds them, and just like John Galt they stood before the onslaught of societal hate and said “no.”

They hate Andrew Tate the man but they fear his ideas, ideas that simply pull from the truths founded in the past and the reality we live in now. Free men, capable and competent, are the only ones to stand between a totalitarian future and us.


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