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02/01/23 Counter Points: Biden Meets w/McCarthy, US Rejects Ukraine Jets, UK Threatened By Putin, General Predicts War With China, Abortion Emergency, Santos Polling, Immigration Reform & MORE!

Ryan and Emily discuss Biden meeting with McCarthy on the debt ceiling fight, US rejecting please for jets to Ukraine, Boris Johnson saying Putin threatened the UK with missiles, A US general predicting war with China, Santos resigning from committees, Haiti turmoil, the immigration crisis, and the media being duped by an obvious hoax. Guest (Todd Bensman):…

TIMESTAMPS: Ilhan Omar: (0:00) Debt Ceiling: (06:11) Ukraine: (16:04) China: (26:07) Biden: (35:17) George Santos: (43:50) Emily: (54:28) Ryan (01:07:45) Todd Bensman (01:21:29)

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