Kishida’s son in hot seat over shopping during official trips overseas

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Kishida’s son in hot seat over shopping during official trips overseas
Kishida says his son, who is also the prime minister’s executive secretary, was buying souvenirs on his behalf, which would be considered part of his …
U.S. and South Korea to hold ‘tabletop’ exercises on nuclear threats next month
Talks by the two countries’ defense chiefs came amid rising public support in Seoul for developing its own nuclear weapons after North Korea’s record-breaking flurry …
Philippines to return one of four robbery suspects to Japan in coming days
The four men are believed to have remotely coordinated a series of robberies in Japan that began last year using an encrypted messaging app.
First Nintendo theme park in U.S. highlights diversification push
The video games-maker is branching into overseas theme parks amid a push to better harness the company’s intellectual property treasure trove.
Japanese town set to OK country’s first ‘level-4’ autonomous vehicles
Autonomous vehicles are expected to become an essential means of transportation in regions of the country where public transport is becoming increasingly scarce.
Everyday onions become mark of affluence in the Philippines as prices skyrocket
The price per kilogram for the vegetable has exceeded the daily minimum wage.

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Japan and NATO agree to deepen partnership, saying rules-based order ‘at stake’
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg stressed the need to further deepen ties, arguing that the international community is “facing changes defining …
A George Jetson world will start with parcels — not people
Before air taxis start taking passengers, the technology will be tested in moving freight before the public accepts their everyday use.
Barrett Strong, whose ‘Money’ helped launch Motown, dies at 81
As a singer he was a one-hit wonder. But teaming with Norman Whitfield, he wrote a string of hits for others, including “I Heard It …
Australian Open sets Grand Slam attendance record
A record 839,192 fans flocked to Melbourne Park from Jan. 16 to 29 for the first tournament in two years free of COVID-19 restrictions.
Japan’s chip equipment makers in the dark about new China export restrictions
Five chip-related firms — Advantest Corp., Nikon Corp., Resonac Holdings Corp., Lasertec Corp. and Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd — said they were unaware of any …
Why the semiconductor competition between the U.S. and China is significant
Washington is trying to strengthen the superiority of the U.S. and other Western countries in areas of technology so that it becomes difficult for China …
Japan firms step up efforts to attract skilled staff as inflation and labor crunch bite
As annual shuntō labor talks enter full swing, both labor and management are asking firms to offer pay hikes to cushion consumer inflation, which hit …

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