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The Future of Food (Is Ours to Decide)

by James Corbett
January 29, 2022

From GMOs and lab-grown meat to the “Eat Ze Bugs” agenda and molecular gastronomy, readers of What is the Future of Food? will know that the global cabal is busy cooking up nefarious plans for reengineering our food supply.

And, as readers of Who Is Behind the Great Food Reset? will know, that global cabal includes the usual suspects—the Rockefellers, the Gates, the World Economic Forum—as well as upstarts like the EAT Forum. (And let’s not forget BlackRock!)

But for those looking to avoid the creepy culinary concoctions of the Great Food Resetters, that still leaves the question: what do we do about this agenda?

Answering that question is our task for today.


If there is any good news to be had in the sad saga of future (fake) food, it’s that the people are waking up to the Great Food Reset agenda and they are not happy about it.

For a trivial example of the pushback against the fake food agenda and the oligarchs stewarding over it, witness Bill Gates’ recent “AMA” (ask me anything) thread on reddit, where one heavily upvoted question put the issue to America’s largest farmland owner directly:


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