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Renault to reduce stake in Nissan, rebalancing alliance

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Renault to reduce stake in Nissan, rebalancing alliance
Renault will reduce its stake from 43.4% to 15%, the same size as Nissan’s stake in its French counterpart, in what the firms said would …
Two missing skiers confirmed dead after Nagano avalanche
Authorities said they were unable to immediately confirm the nationalities of the men, but Mountain Gazette reported that one was professional skier Kyle Smaine from …
Parliament begins budget talks amid focus on Kishida’s tax plans
Attention is increasingly turning to when Kishida might call an election, especially given the divisive issue of tax hikes to pay for increased defense spending …
FTX debacle the latest twist in Japanese unit’s tumultuous history
Liquid’s leadership regularly drew on their industry credentials to promote the company, but this coexisted with stories about hacks and poor internal security.
Woman who served in SDF sues state and assailants over sexual harassment
Rina Gonoi was subjected to a wide range of abuse on a daily basis from fall 2020 through August 2021.
Japan’s chip equipment makers in the dark about new China export restrictions
Five chip-related firms — Advantest Corp., Nikon Corp., Resonac Holdings Corp., Lasertec Corp. and Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd — said they were unaware of any …

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Reining in Japan’s unstoppable urban sprawl
The world’s most rapidly aging nation wants its shrinking population to concentrate in regional urban centers. However, things aren’t going as planned.
One-size-fits-all COVID-19 booster plan needs a rethink
Public health officials should recognize that additional COVID-19 booster shots should now be a more nuanced decision.
The first rule of street photography club? Always carry a camera, preferably analog
The idea that street photography is a solitary hobby is outdated. Thanks in part to social media, communities for those who document everyday life are …
Stefanos Tsitsipas keeps head held high after falling in Australian Open final
Stefanos Tsitsipas dreamed of holding the Australian Open trophy aloft after nodding off on the eve of Sunday’s final but Novak Djokovic ended up giving …
The ‘bugs, microbes and wild yeast’ of Japan’s umami wine master
Takahiko Soga embraces the potentially destructive elements of winemaking that many other vintners try their best to avoid.
From lessons of 3/11, Japan scientists share knowledge of disaster resilience across Pacific
As Japan’s top researchers continue to glean new information from 3/11, some scientists are aiming to pass on that knowledge to the rest of the …

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