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Zelensky vs. the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

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Dear Reader,Pat Buchanan has retired from writing his syndicated column. His fellow founding editor of The American Conservative Scott McConnell has written a piece remembering the legacy of Buchanan the intellectual, Buchanan the writer and workhorse, and expressing his hope that the man will be able to finish his memoir, which would be a work of real importance, for he is now more influential than perhaps he has ever been.

Yevhen Herman is the pseudonym of a Ukrainian journalist in Kiev. Herman has, bravely in a time of war when perceived traitors are receiving extrajudicial punishment, written a report on the deteriorating relationship between the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Zelensky’s government. The UOC has been independent from the Moscow patriarchate for decades; it has opposed the invasion and supported the Ukrainian cause. For most of last year that seemed satisfactory to Ukrainian officials. No longer. Now the church is subject to state repression.

And Samuel Hammond has written the latest installment of the “American System” series, with a look at the nation’s hangover from LBJ’s Great Society. More even than the New Deal, against which so much of the mid-century conservative movement was arrayed, it is the Great Society that built the real “big” government against which conservatives today inveigh. Hammond writes, “Size matters, but it isn’t the only thing at play. Unwinding our mid-century technocracy, and the patronage systems that sustain it, should be the primary goal.”

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It carried more weight than most.

Zelensky vs. the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

The UOC has opposed the invasion and supported the Ukrainian cause. So why is the government calling them Russian agents?

Unwinding the Long Great Society

Conservatives have far more to learn from FDR than to disdain.

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