Ukrainian women are refusing to live in Islamic neighborhoods in the UK, citing safety concerns

Left-wing British broadcaster Channel 4 News spoke to several women who were finding the move to far more culturally diverse communities challenging

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author: Thomas Brooke
Women in Islamic dress pictured in the U.K. city of Birmingham

Ukrainian refugees are refusing sponsored accommodation places in diverse British cities because they feel unsafe living in neighborhoods where the residents are primarily Islamic, it has emerged.

That’s according to a report by the left-wing Channel 4 News broadcaster, which claims many Ukrainian women living in urban areas such as Birmingham are finding it difficult to settle into communities that are far more culturally diverse than they are used to back home.

Reporter Darshna Soni sat down with one sponsor who signed up for the U.K. government’s Homes for Ukraine, a scheme that saw homeowners with spare rooms paid by the British government to take in Ukrainian refugees. The sponsor, who lives in a predominantly Muslim borough of Birmingham, told the Channel 4 News reporter how one woman who stayed with her complained about there being “too many Muslims” in the area.

“We were quite shocked at how difficult she found different cultures. Too many Muslims, too many people with different skin colors,” the sponsor said of a Ukrainian woman who moved into her home along with her young child.

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