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Inside an FBI spy hunter’s double life

January 27, 2023
Hello, Insiders. We’ve been exploring homeownership in the remote-work era, including the surge of people moving to Florida, the rise of Zoomtowns, and the state of real-estate investing. But today, I want to take a look at the buzziest sector in real-estate: proptech.

Many of the tech startups and big firms that digitize buying and selling homes are struggling. In the frothy days of 2021, investors pumped $32 billion into proptech. But the harsh reality set in: The same pandemic that had brought opportunity triggered supply shortages and inflation, and interest rates soared.

What this means: Opendoor has cut jobs. Its CEO said the company’s algorithm couldn’t predict the market shifting so quickly. Compass is reeling from a horrible year, from financial losses to tech troubles to mass layoffs. At least 58 companies in proptech and other real-estate sectors have shed jobs — see our rolling list.

I’ll be sharing your real-estate notes tomorrow. But let’s get to today’s stories.

— Nicholas Carlson

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The latest
  • Five police officers have been charged with murder in Tyre Nichols’ death. Here’s what’s going on.
  • BuzzFeed plans to use OpenAI to write stories. The company’s stock skyrocketed more than 200% on the news. What to know. Plus, we asked ChatGPT to write a BuzzFeed-style listicle — see how it went.
  • Kevin McCarthy lashed out at reporters when asked why he hadn’t punished George Santos. Here’s what happened.
The big story
Michael M. Santiago, Frédéric Soltan, Kirill Kudryavtsev/GettyImages; Arif Qazi/Insider;
Inside the extramarital affair and cash-fueled double life of an FBI spy hunter charged with taking Russian money.

Charles F. McGonigal was no ordinary FBI agent. He led the WikiLeaks investigation into Chelsea Manning. He even played a role in opening the probe into the Trump campaign’s Russia contacts.

And in his final job at the FBI, it was his responsibility to find enemy spies and recruit his own. But Insider’s Mattathias Schwartz has breathtaking exclusive reporting on the dangerous double life McGonigal is accused of leading during this role — both professionally and through an extramarital affair — right under the noses of some of the sharpest cops in America.

McGonigal now faces criminal charges: money laundering, making false statements in mandatory disclosures to the FBI, and taking money from someone representing a Russian oligarch who he had once himself investigated.

“Charlie McGonigal knew everybody in the national security and law-enforcement world,” his ex-lover told Insider. “He fooled them all.”


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