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Toyota taps Lexus chief as CEO, shifting Akio Toyoda to chairman role

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Toyota taps Lexus chief as CEO, shifting Akio Toyoda to chairman role
Koji Sato will lead Toyota at a time when the twin forces of electrification and automation are sweeping through the global auto industry.
As Japan’s energy firms raise prices, here is how to cut electricity use
Seven major electric companies have applied to the industry ministry to boost its energy prices, causing further concern to households worried about rising costs.
COVID-19 shots should remain free to residents, health ministry experts say
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is expected to announce the decision to downgrade the classification of COVID-19 on Friday.
Philippines-based ‘Luffy’ may be mastermind in spate of Japan robberies
The presumed mastermind allegedly recruited others via social media, investigative sources have said.
Church ‘victim’ defense to complicate Abe murder trial
Despite sympathy for the suspect, legal experts believe the court is unlikely to be lenient, noting a gun was fired at a public gathering, potentially …
TikTok ban gains steam in Congress, dialing up pressure on Biden
The attention on TikTok underscores concerns in Congress that TikTok and its parent comapny, ByteDance, could share information on U.S. users with Chinese authorities.

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Western tanks are coming to Ukraine, but will they be enough?
Ukrainian troops still need to be trained to use the powerful Western war machines, and moving them into the conflict zone is far from an …
How threatening are threats and what are they doing to our psychological well-being?
News, social media alerts and scares are lighting up not only our smartphones, but also our brains, prompting some to ask how all the “threat …
‘Bad City’: A V-Cinema hero comes out swinging
“Bad City” boasts some bone-crunching action, but seems more interested in proving the awesomeness of producer-star Hitoshi Ozawa.
MLB’s Yoshida and Nootbaar named to Japan’s WBC roster
Japan will play its first game on March 9 against China in Pool B at Tokyo Dome.
Japan’s future security lies in a ‘denial and competition’ strategy
The gap between the defense capabilities of China and Japan is widening at a tremendous pace, giving Tokyo cause to think carefully.
Japanese football misses its big opportunity in Dream Bowl game
Frustration dominates after the Japan All Star team fell 24-20 to an Ivy League selection in a gripping and tightly fought match at Tokyo’s National …
Japan tries to fix a child custody system under fire from all sides
In Japan, child welfare in divorce often turns on single-parent custody, where one parent can be largely excluded from a child’s life.

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