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‘Why Does Every Specialty Food Shop Suddenly Look the Same?’

— Alan Sytsma, editor, Grub Street

Whenever writer Emily Sundberg tells me she’s noticed something happening, I lean in. She has an uncanny ability to identify nebulous feelings that everyone has been sensing but nobody has quite figured out. In this case, she sent me a quick photo of some tinned fish next to a few bottles of olive oil in a stark, pleasant-seeming Brooklyn boutique. “How many times have you seen this exact display?” she wrote, and I knew immediately what she meant. I, like her, felt as though I’d recently been seeing it all over the place — but why? That’s what she set out to discover as she dove into the surprisingly evolved, incredibly high-tech, VC-driven world of charming little grocery stores that sell equally charming sleeves of high-end pasta.
Welcome to the Shoppy Shop Why does every store suddenly look the same?
Photo: Teddy Wolff
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